NCP19-12 - Telford - (Online) Teaching for Mastery - Lesson Design: Depth of learning for all - Year 2 - Day 2 - 11th June (1300-1400)

Thursday 30 January, Thursday 2 April, Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge CE Primary School


An email was sent to all particpants on 19th May, 2020 with the joining details for the online workshop. Please check your "junk mail" if you do not appear to have received this message.  Please email if you are still unable to find it; and it will be sent again.  Thank you.

Day 2 - 11th June (1300-1400)

The project will focus on designing effective lesson plans. It will make use of key resources such as the Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials and textbooks in planning that embeds a mastery approach.

Who will be leading the group?

Louise Postance

Louise is a Primary Maths Teaching for Mastery Specialist and NCETM PD Accredited lead. She is an experienced Primary Maths subject leader, with MaST qualification. Louise has undertaken extensive Primary Maths research of different educational systems, including working collaboratively with and hosting teachers from Shanghai.

Who is it for?

Schools that have made a significant commitment to teaching for mastery in their curriculum planning are invited to nominate one or two teachers for this Work Group. 

What are the intended outcomes?

Participants should gain a deep understanding of the elements of effective lesson design and how the big ideas of mastery influence this, particularly regarding small steps of learning. They will be able to make good decisions about what to include or leave out, and when to supplement the materials with their own. The impact of small steps lesson planning and learning will be seen by progress shown in children’s books.


Teachers are expected to share their learning with others teaching maths in their school, and that this will influence the whole school’s maths lesson planning.

What will it involve?

Refining understanding of good lesson design, and being able to use resources well, is a crucial element in developing teaching for mastery. Teachers in this Work Group will work together to plan exemplar lessons (drawing on new Mastery Professional Development Materials produced by the NCETM and Maths Hubs, and other sources of mastery resources for the classroom including textbooks) and in so doing will improve lesson design across their school.

The Work Group will also make use of the planning guidance created in previous projects to update and extend it, and it will be informed by the work of the ‘Planning opportunities for Greater Depth’ project.

All participants are expected to attend both workshops and complete gap tasks in their schools between the workshops. They will contribute to the national evaluation process, through a short online survey after the Work Group has finished.

What is the cost?


Cover costs of up to £200 per day will be paid for teachers in their first two years of teaching. Please indicate where requested on the booking form.

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