IN03a Hereford - Times Tables with Peer Mentoring KS1& KS2 - Day 3 - Online workshop - 19.5.20 - 1300 to 1545

Tuesday 3 December, Tuesday 21 January, Tuesday 19 May, Alternative arrangements now an online workshop - details sent via email


An email was sent to all particpants on 6th May, 2020 with the joining details for this online workshop. Please check your "junk mail" if you do not appear to have received this message.  Please email if you are still unable to find it; and it will be sent again.  Thank you.


Bookings are limited to one teacher of a Year 4 class per school for this work group.

This Work Group for Year 4 teachers will prepare for specific Year 4/Year 2 peer mentoring intervention focusing on understanding multiplication and division, the links between them, and learning times tables facts. The project will be of benefit to both year groups; the Year 4s will revisit and secure the underlying concepts behind multiplication and division and develop their fluency in times tables recall and the Year 2s will benefit from close supervision and instant feedback during the “concrete” phase of learning about multiplication and division, and will have 1:1 attention and encouragement as they develop fluency of recall of the times table facts connected to the first 12 multiples of 2.

Who will be leading the group?

Maggie Steel

Maggie is experienced in researching and leading professional development relating to learning times tables, including leading Work Groups for other Maths Hubs.

Who is it for?

Year 4 teachers will have an extended opportunity to discuss and review their approach to teaching multiplication, division and times tables in Year 4 and across their school and to learn about alternative approaches to mastery teaching and preparation for the Year 4 MTC.

What are the intended outcomes?

Schools reviewing their current practice on times tables and developing a coherent strategy for developing rapid recall of times tables facts alongside a mastery approach to the teaching of multiplication and division.

Mentors and mentees benefit hugely from participation in a well run peer mentoring programme. The benefits range from better outcomes in maths, to personal growth, improved metacognition, and a greater sense of wellbeing from building a positive relationship with another child.

This project is expected to deliver improved understanding of multiplication and division and the links between them, greater fluency in times table recall, improved fluency in talking and reasoning about multiplication, division and times tables.

What will it involve?

Teachers will gain an insight into the benefits of peer mentoring, understanding why it is much less common in numeracy compared to literacy, and will learn how to overcome the barriers so that they can implement successful maths peer mentoring strategies within their own class and across year groups

In preparation for the intervention, teachers will explore a mastery approach to teaching times tables, and begin developing their teaching of concept, reasoning and fluency. Participants to use this knowledge to develop their practice and set up the intervention programme.

Workshop 1:   Exploring mastery approaches to teaching times tables and exploring efficient strategies for developing rapid recall in preparation for the Year 4 MTC  

Gap Task 1:  Trialling mastery approaches with the Year 4 class including the strategies the Year 4 class will use in the mentoring intervention

Workshop 2:   Feedback and reflection on Gap Task 1. Preparation for training the Year 4s to be effective mentors (Generic “How to be a great mentor” training and specific activity training).           

Gap Task 2: Baseline data on Year 2s and Year 4s collected. Training of Year 4s. Implementation of the mentoring programme for a minimum of 10 sessions. End of intervention data collected on Year 2s and Year 4s

Workshop 3: Reflection and feedback on Gap Task 2. Sharing of quantitative data. Collection of qualitative data from teacher participants. Review of whole school approach to embedding mastery into times tables teaching. Review of other maths peer mentoring opportunities within a primary setting.

What is the cost?


Cover costs of up to £200 per day will be paid for teachers in their first two years of teaching. Please indicate where requested on the booking form.

Work group full